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Volkswagen ID.3: USB port

Using the USB port, you can transfer data and charge devices or only charge devices.

USB-C port

Volkswagen ID.3. Fig. 1 USB-C connection in the vehicle (general example).
Fig. 1 USB-C connection in the vehicle (general example).

The Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle may contain the following USB -C ports:

Symbol for a USB port for data transmission and charging.

Symbol for a USB port for charging only.

You can find information about charging options and charging power here (→ Sockets) .

Possible USB port installation locations

The number and installation locations of USB ports depend on the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle and vehicle equipment and are not available in all countries.

  • In the center console.
  • At the base of the interior rearview mirror.
  • In the storage compartment in the center console.
  • In the compartment underneath the center armrest.

USB ports at the rear seats only come with a charging function.

Available Data Transfer Functions

The following USB data transfer functions are available depending on the vehicle equipment.

  • App-Connect .
  • Media playback .
  • Update, e.g. of the navigation data (→ Navigation) .

Instructions and restrictions

  • Only use suitable USB connection cables. The USB connection cable must match the USB port installed in the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle.
  • Dirty, overheated or damaged data carriers are not to be used. Read and heed the information provided by the manufacturer.
  • Difference in quality between data carriers from different manufacturers can cause problems with media playback.
  • Using USB extension cables, USB adapters or USB hubs may result in malfunctions or failure of the USB functions.

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