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Volkswagen ID.3: Bluetooth interface

The Bluetooth interface is a wireless connection.

In Bluetooth audio mode, audio files that are on a Bluetooth audio source that is connected via Bluetooth, such as a cell phone, can be played through the vehicle speakers.

Bluetooth audio mode is only possible in Volkswagen ID.3 vehicles equipped with a factory-installed mobile phone interface that supports this function.

Bluetooth profiles

The Infotainment system is equipped with a Bluetooth interface at the factory.

A maximum of three Bluetooth devices can be connected at the same time.

The following Bluetooth profiles may be available in the specified version or in another version:

  • HFP 1.7.

    -Telephony and handsfree mode.

  • A2DP 1.3.

    -Music playback.

  • AVRCP 1.6.

    -Display and operation for music playback.

    -Transfer of cover art.

  • PBAP 1.2.

    -Access to phone book and call lists.

  • MAP 1.4.

    -Access to SMS and e-mail.

  • SPP 1.2.

    -Serial data transfer via Bluetooth.

Starting Bluetooth audio


  • The Bluetooth audio source is paired with and connected to the Infotainment system (→ Phone interface) .
  • The Bluetooth audio source supports the Bluetooth profile Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP ).
  1. Lower the volume on the Infotainment system.
  2.  Activate Bluetooth visibility on the external Bluetooth audio source, such as a cell phone.
  3.  Open the Media menu.
  4. Tap Source and select Bluetooth audio.
  5. If necessary, start playback on the Bluetooth audio source manually.

When playback from the Bluetooth audio source is finished, the Infotainment system remains in Bluetooth audio mode.

Controlling playback

The extent that the Bluetooth audio source can be controlled by the Infotainment system depends on the type of Bluetooth audio source that is connected.

For media players that support the AVRCP Bluetooth profile, playback from the Bluetooth audio source can be started or stopped automatically when Bluetooth audio mode or another audio source is selected. Depending on the Bluetooth audio source, it may also be possible to display and play the track on the Infotainment system.

Because of the large number of possible Bluetooth audio sources, it is not possible to guarantee that all functions described can be performed correctly.

On a connected Bluetooth audio source, all warning and operation tones, such as touch tones on a cell phone, should generally be switched off to avoid interference and malfunctions.

Depending on the device, if an external media player is connected to the Infotainment system via Bluetooth and the USB port at the same time, the Bluetooth audio connection may be automatically disconnected.


In order to use selected In-Car Apps or streaming for Internet Radio, you need an Internet connection in your Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle.

You have two options for using the Internet in your vehicle: via the hotspot of a mobile device, e.g. a cell phone, or via the eSIM of the vehicle (→ Wi-Fi) .

Regardless of how you establish the Internet connection, whether via the hotspot of a mobile device or via thee SIM of the vehicle, you can use the Infotainment system as a Wi-Fi hotspot for eight other mobile devices (→ Wi-Fi) . This function depends on the vehicle equipment and is not available in all vehicles.

If you want to use the eSIM for Internet access, you need to purchase data plans via the online shop of the Volkswagen mobile communications partner.

If you have concluded a We Connect contract, you do not need any additional data plans from the external mobile communications partner to use mobile online services.

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