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Volkswagen ID.3: Traffic hazard alert

The traffic hazard alert uses the activated V2X and gives warnings for nearby hazards according to the situation.

This can prevent accidents and improve the traffic flow.

Depending on the type of hazard, the speed and the rate of deceleration of the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle, a warning will be given for the relevant hazard as follows:

  • Warning tone.
  • Symbol.
  • Message in the instrument cluster display and, depending on the vehicle equipment, in the head-up display.


Ignoring traffic hazard alerts may cause serious accidents and fatal injuries.

  • Never ignore traffic hazard alerts.

Red symbols

Red symbols warn against hazards in the immediate vicinity.

Accident site ahead.

Emergency vehicle in action.

Traffic jam ahead.

Intervention by an assistance system in a vehicle driving ahead, e.g. Autonomous Emergency Braking( Front Assist).

Yellow symbols

Yellow symbols warn if a hazard has been detected.

Accident site ahead.

Emergency vehicle in action.

Traffic jam ahead.

Stationary object or breakdown ahead

Construction site ahead.

Hide traffic hazard alert displayed

  1. Press OK on the multi-function steering wheel.


V2X deactivates automatically

  • V2X is not permitted in the country in which you are currently driving.
  • The Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle was offline for too long, meaning that certificates were not updated.

    Adjust the privacy settings so that an online connection can be established and certificates can be updated.

  • System error.

    Contact suitably qualified professionals for assistance. Volkswagen recommends contacting an authorized Volkswagen dealer or authorized Volkswagen Service Facility.

No V2X data is being displayed

  • The function of V2X is restricted.
  • There are no participants sending data in the surrounding area.
  • There are participants sending data in the surrounding area but they are not relevant to your Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle.
  • The V2X technology antennae are blocked by attachments or covers.

    Keep the areas around the V2X antennae clear.

  • Data exchange between the participants is limited or not possible due to weather conditions.
  • The driver has already responded to the hazard ahead.


Mobile devices can be connected to the Infotainment system via the wired and wireless connections in the vehicle.

The type and number of wired and wireless connections depends on the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle equipment and the country. The connections may differ within a model line or in a model with optional equipment.

In wired connections, only use the original connecting cable that belongs to the device or the connecting cable that was placed in the vehicle at the factory, if available.

If the plug on the connector cable cannot be inserted, check the position and the connections


Using unsuitable or damaged connector cables or inserting the plug on the connector cables in the wrong position or too forcefully may cause malfunctions and damage to devices.

  • Only use suitable and undamaged connector cables.
  • Hold the plug on the connector cable in the correct position and insert it into the intended socket while pressing lightly. Pressing strongly can damage the device connection and the plug on the connector cable.
  • The connector cable must not be pinched or bent sharply.

If a connected device is not recognized, disconnect all connected devices and then reconnect the device.

Check the function of the connector cable used, if necessary.

If malfunctions occur in a connected device, restart the device. This sometimes fixes the error.

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