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Volkswagen ID.3: V2X limitations

Data transfer

The V2X system in your Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle only communicates with those participants who are equipped with functioning and compatible V2X technology.

Participants with deactivated, faulty or incompatible V2X are not included.


Depending on the weather conditions and area surrounding the vehicle, V2X technology participants can communicate in an immediate area of up to around 800 m (244 ft). Not all of the functions based on V2X use the full range possible.


V2X technology is not a replacement for the driver's attention and works only within the system limitations. V2X technology cannot detect all hazardous situations and may warn with a delay or not at all. If you rely solely on V2X technology, there is a risk of accidents and serious injuries or even death.

  • Always drive attentively and think ahead and be ready to intervene at any moment.

  • Observe the system limitations (→ V2X technology) .

  • Always adapt your driving style to the current visibility, weather, road, and traffic conditions.

Functional limitations

The function of V2X may be restricted in the following cases:

  • The environmental conditions prevent data from passing through to the participant.

  • Trailer mode prevents data from passing through to the participant.

  • Volkswagen ID.3 Vehicle superstructures prevent data from passing through to the participant.

  • The event is not detected by participants as such.

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