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Volkswagen ID.3: Power window pinch protection

The power window pinch protection can reduce the risk of being pinched and injured when the windows are closing.

If the window cannot close due to resistance or an obstacle, then the window will reopen immediately→ .

  1. Check why the window did not close.

  2. Try again to close the window.

If the window will not close again, then the pinch protection will be disabled for several seconds.

If the window still cannot close, then the window will stop at the place where it meets resistance. If you press the switch again within several seconds, the window will close without pinch protection → .

Closing windows without pinch protection

  1. Try to close the windows again within a few seconds by holding the switch. This will disable the pinch protection.

    If the closing process takes longer than several seconds, then pinch protection will be enabled again. If there is resistance to the window moving or an obstacle is blocking the window, then the window will reopen automatically.

  2. If the window still cannot close, then contact a suitably qualified professional. Volkswagen recommends contacting an authorized Volkswagen dealer or authorized Volkswagen Service Facility.


Closing the window when pinch protection is disabled can result in serious injuries.

  • Always be careful when closing the windows.

  • Do not close windows if anyone is in the way.

  • Note that the pinch protection does not prevent fingers or body parts from being trapped against the window frame.

Pinch protection also occurs when using the convenience closing function with the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle key.


One-touch up/down feature

If the 12 V vehicle battery is disconnected or drained when the windows are not completely closed, then the onetouch up/down feature will not work. It must be reprogrammed using the following steps:

  1. Switch the ignition on.

  2.  Close all windows and doors.

  3. Pull the switch for the desired window and hold it in that position for several seconds.

  4. Release the switch, then pull it upward again and hold it.

The one-touch up and down features will then be fully functional.

The automatic power windows can be reprogrammed individually, or multiple windows can be reprogrammed at the same time.

Controls are responding differently than expected

Moisture, dirt and grease may limit the functioning of the controls.

  1. Moisture, dirt and grease may limit the functioning of the controls.

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