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Volkswagen ID.3: System Limitations of ACC

Limits of the sensor system

ACC detects driving situations using the radar and ultrasonic sensors in the front of the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle and the camera behind the windshield. The radar sensor has a range of up to approx. 160 m (approx. 520 ft).


If you use the ACC in situations outside system limitations, accidents and serious injuries may result and legal regulations may be violated.

  • Be aware of the limitations of the sensor system (→ Sensor system) and cancel the regulation in the situations described.

Unrecognizable objects

ACC only detects Volkswagen ID.3 vehicles that are moving in the same direction or are stationary. The following will not be detected:

  • Pedestrians

  • Animals

  • Vehicles crossing the street or oncoming vehicles

  • Other stationary obstacles

Stationary vehicles

Volkswagen ID.3. Fig. 1 Stationary vehicle.
Fig. 1 Stationary vehicle.

ACC responds in a limited manner to stationary Volkswagen ID.3 vehicles up to approx. 60 km/h (approx. 37 mph), provided that a stationary vehicle is detected as such and your own vehicle can be comfortably braked behind the stationary vehicle within the system limits of ACC. ACC does not perform emergency braking → fig. 1 .

The reaction to stationary vehicles depends on the vehicle equipment and is not available in all countries.

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