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Volkswagen ID.3: Switching on and off the rear fog light

Volkswagen ID.3 (E11, E12) 2020-2024 Owner's Manual / Switching on and off the rear fog light

The rear fog lights can only be switched on when the ignition is on (→ Low beam headlight) :

Switching the rear fog light on

  1. Tap the button.

    The indicator light in the button turns on. The yellow indicator light  in the instrument cluster also comes on.

Switching the rear fog light off

  1. Tap the button again.

If the rear fog light is switched on when the light is off , the parking light is on or the automatic headlights are on, the low beam headlights will also be switched on, regardless of the ambient brightness.

Parking lights

If the parking light function is switched on, both headlights will come on, along with the parking lights, sections of the taillights, the license plate light and various buttons in the Volkswagen ID.3 interior. The automatic headlights are activated from a speed of around 10 km/h (6 mph) or after driving a distance of around 100 m (approx. 328 feet).

If the vehicle is not locked from the outside when the ignition is switched off, the continuous parking lights on both sides of the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle will turn on automatically after approximately ten minutes to reduce the load on the 12 V vehicle battery (→ Parking light) .

Volkswagen ID.3 (E11, E12) 2020-2024 Owner's Manual

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