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Volkswagen ID.3: Selecting the driving mode

The driving mode can be selected when the ignition is switched on and the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle is stationary or while driving.


Setting the driving mode while driving can distract from traffic. This can cause accidents and serious or fatal injuries.

  • Always drive attentively and responsibly.

If you select a driving mode while driving, the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle systems, except forD rive, will be switched over to the new driving mode immediately.

  1. When the traffic situation allows it, briefly take your foot off the accelerator pedal to enable the newly selected driving mode to be applied to the Drive vehicle system as well.

Selecting a driving mode via the control on the Infotainment system

  1. Tap .

  2. To select driving modes, tap  again or tap the desired driving mode in the Infotainment system.

Displaying information about the driving mode

  1. To display additional information about the selected driving mode, tap in the Infotainment system.

Selecting the Custom driving mode

  1. Tap until the Custom driving mode has been selected.

  2. Tap to open the Custom menu.

Driving mode properties

The Eco driving mode switches the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle to fuel-efficient operation and supports the driver with an energysaving driving style.

The Comfort driving mode is the basic setting for the vehicle systems, provides a comfort-oriented vehicle setup and is suited, for instance, for everyday use.

The Sport driving mode gives the driver a sporty feel.

With the Custom driving mode, you can adapt individual vehicle systems according to your preferences.

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