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Volkswagen ID.3: Parking

  1. Press and hold the brake pedal.

  2. To switch on the electronic parking brake, press the button on the driving mode selector.

    The Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle's drive system is deactivated. The red indicator light in the instrument cluster comes on → .

  3. On uphill and downhill slopes, turn the steering wheel so that the vehicle will roll into a curb if it begins moving.

  4. Release the brake.

  5. Exit the vehicle →  . Pay attention to other road users.

  6. Take all vehicle keys with you and lock the vehicle.


Parking the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle incorrectly can result in the vehicle rolling, even on slight downhill slopes. Accidents and serious or fatal injuries could result.

  • Before leaving the vehicle, make sure that the electronic parking brake is activated and the red indicator light in the instrument cluster is lit.

  • When parking the vehicle, always follow the steps in the specified order.


If you leave children, people requiring assistance or animals unattended in the vehicle, they may accidentally set the vehicle in motion or be subjected to very high or low temperatures. There is a risk of accidents and serious or fatal injuries.

  • Never leave children, people requiring assistance or animals unattended in the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle.

Parking spaces and surroundings

To avoid damage and dangerous situations, always park the vehicle in a suitable parking area→ .


Any unevenness in the ground, as well as sand or mud, may prevent the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle from being parked safely. This can result in damage to the vehicle.

  • Always park the vehicle on solid and level ground.


Vehicle components that are low to the ground such as the bumpers, spoilers, and parts of the suspension may collide with objects protruding up from the ground when they are driven over. The vehicle can be damaged.

  • Drive carefully over driveways, ramps, curbs and fixed barriers, as well as when driving through dips.

Volkswagen ID.3 (E11, E12) 2020-2024 Owner's Manual

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