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Volkswagen ID.3: Operating Travel Assist

Volkswagen ID.3. Fig. 1 Left side of the multi-function steering wheel.
Fig. 1 Left side of the multi-function steering wheel.

Switching on and starting the regulation function

  1. During forward travel with ACC switched on, press the button on the multi-function steering wheel.

    The Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle switches from ACC to Travel Assist.

Depending on the driving situation, the vehicle switches to the following system status in Travel Assist:

  • If ACC is regulating, Travel Assist maintains the current speed and the preset distance from the vehicle driving ahead (system status inactive).

    At the same time, the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle is kept in its lane by steering movements when road markings are detected(s ystem status active).

  • If ACC is not regulating, Travel Assist is switched on, but stays deactivated.

  1. Press the  button.

    Travel Assist switches the driving situation accordingly to an active or inactive system status.

The indicator/warning light corresponding to the driving situation comes on in the instrument cluster display. A notification is also displayed.

Canceling the regulation function

  1. Press the button briefly.

    Or: Press the brake pedal.

    The set distance remains saved.

Changing to ACC

  1. Press the  button on the multi-function steering wheel.

    The vehicle switches from Travel Assist to the system status of ACC corresponding to the driving situation.

Adjusting further settings

The further operation of Travel Assist corresponds to the operation of the ACC (→ Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC))

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