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Volkswagen ID.3: Massage feature

Volkswagen ID.3. Fig. 1 Massage function button to the side of the driver
Fig. 1 Massage function button to the side of the driver

For the massage function, the lumbar support moves and massages the lumbar area of your back.

The lumbar support cushioning (intensity of the massage) can be individually adjusted in three stages during operation by pressing repeatedly on the corresponding switch (→ Electric front seat) .

Switching the massage function on and off

  1. To switch on, push the button in the seat control panel. Press the button again to switch off.


Improper use of seat functions can cause injuries.

  • Before beginning a journey always adjust to the correct seat position and maintain this throughout the journey.

    This also applies to all passengers.

  • Only switch the massage function on and off when the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle is stationary.

  • Always keep your hands, fingers, feet and other parts of your body clear of the range of operation and adjustment range of the seats.

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