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Volkswagen ID.3: Technical data. Causes

Volkswagen ID.3 (E11, E12) 2020-2024 Service Manual / Body / Manual on Localising the Ingress of Water / Technical data. Causes

Vehicle fluids

Vehicle fluids

♦ Coolant (e.g. water lines and heat exchanger in interior)

♦ Windscreen washer fluid (e.g. hose -1- from reservoir to rear window washer system)

♦ Condensation from evaporator (e.g. water drain -1- of evaporator blocked)

External factors

External factors

♦ Rain water

♦ Water from car wash or washing the vehicle by hand (with and without washer fluid)

♦ Snow, melting snow



Damaged seals, e.g. on doors, lids and flaps.

Misadjusted doors, lids, flaps, windows, sliding sunroof panel.

Water drains blocked by foliage and debris.

Excess sealant, poorly fitted seals.

Accident damage not professionally repaired, incorrectly welded panels, spot welds or weld seams burnt through.

Plugs and grommets -1- incorrectly or only partly fitted.

Other possibilities of water ingress:

♦ Incorrect operation by the customer.

♦ Retrospective installations, attachments or conversions.

♦ Production faults such as missing fine seam seal in body area as well as missing welds and poorly executed adhesive bonding.

♦ Engineered that way, cannot be changed (e.g. no roof channel). These should be explained to the customer with arguments for and against.

♦ Ageing or wear of seals and sealant.

Volkswagen ID.3 (E11, E12) 2020-2024 Service Manual

Technical data. Causes

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