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Volkswagen ID.3: Technical data. Attachments

Volkswagen ID.3 (E11, E12) 2020-2024 Service Manual / Body / Manual on Localising the Ingress of Water / Technical data. Attachments


ChecklistProtocol for locating the ingress of waterVehicle data: (fill in together with vehicle user)Item no.: Brand: Production date: Date: Status: Dealership: Vehicle identification number Model Engine type: Mileage: Retrofitted components:Gearbox type: Service technician: Has the vehicle been checked?
Can the customer complaint be confirmed? YES
_ NO

Diagram for marking area where water has been determined

Since when does water enter?___km From the beginning_Since recently_Increasing_Since an accident_Since repair work on vehicle_Area which was affected by the repair work or the accident _________________________Vehicle historyComponents have been retrofitted by the workshop or customer.
Which ones? __________________________________________yes_no_Vehicle was involved in an accident.
Which area of the vehicle was affected? ______________________________________yes_no_The vehicle is parked under trees or any other plants. YES _ NO _Circumstances under which the water entersExternalInternalHeavy rain
Continuous rain
Frequent rain
Gentle rain_
_Activation of windscreen wiper
Activation of rear window wiper
Activation of heater
Activation of air conditioning system_
_Gantry car wash
Self-service washing plant
Rain and velocity
In any of the aforementioned conditions_
_ Related observationsSmell_Windows fogged_Whistling noises due to ingress of air_Leaves in area of plenum chamber_Bad radio reception_ Water quantityPuddles on the floor_Moist floor_Water constitutionRain water_Tap water (car wash)_Washer fluid_Coolant_Can the responsible component or origin of the water ingress be localised?Left headlight_Right headlight_Front left wheel housing_Front right wheel housing_Plenum chamber_Windscreen_Front left interior floor_Front right interior floor_Left front door_Right front door_Front door window_Panoramic tilting sunroof_Roof aerial_Left rear door_Right rear door_Rear door window_Left fixed side window_Right fixed side window_Left side window_Right side window_Rear left interior floor_Rear right interior floor_Rear lid_Rear windscreen_Rear left wheel housing_Rear right wheel housing_Left rear lights_Right rear lights_Luggage compartment_Heater_Water drain of evaporator_Leak in line of window wiper system_Door seal_Window strip_Sealing_Cap_Blocked water drain_Holes_High-level brake light_Other …_Which?______________________________________________________________________Remarks:

Volkswagen ID.3 (E11, E12) 2020-2024 Service Manual

Technical data. Attachments

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