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Volkswagen ID.3: Body, rear. Rear cross member

Volkswagen ID.3 (E11, E12) 2020-2024 Service Manual / Body / Body repairs / Body, rear. Rear cross member

Assembly overview – rear cross member

Assembly overview – rear cross member

1 - Stop buffer mounting

❏ Left

2 - Rear cross member

❏ → Rep. gr.53; Renewing rear cross member

3 - Partition

4 - Stop buffer mounting

❏ Right

5 - Bonded area

6 - Separating cut

Renewing rear cross member

Renewing rear cross member


Gases/ vapours hazardous to health are generated when welding, soldering or cutting using tools which produce sparks in foam-treated areas.

– Do not weld, solder or cut closer than 15 mm to moulded foam inserts.

– Use an extraction system during work.


If separating cuts are made too deep, underlying reinforcement could be damaged.

– Only make separating cuts with body saw.

– Rewelding of reinforcements is not permitted due to safety reasons.


If welds are positioned too far on outside, strength could be impaired

– RP weld points must be placed as far as possible from outer edge of welding flange.


If adhesive is applied prematurely, bond could be impaired

– New part must be welded in within 90 minutes.

Observe safety information → Rep. gr.00; Safety information

Only tools and workshop equipment authorised by Volkswagen AG may be used → Rep. gr.00; Tools.


– Separate original joint.

– Remove rear cross member -1-.

– Remove remaining material.

– Completely remove adhesive residue.

– Sand bonding and welding surfaces down to bare metal, and clean them.


Replacement parts

♦ For allocation of 2-pack body adhesive, see → Electronic parts catalogue (ETKA)


● New parts must be adapted and attached with the vehicle standing on its wheels or straightening bracket set.

– Lightly sand down bonding surfaces in area of web plates.

– Grind bonding surfaces and welding surfaces on new part -1- to -4- down to bare metal and clean.

– Drill 8 mm diameter holes for SG plug weld seam in new part -1-.

– Drill 8 mm diameter holes for weld studs -3- in new part -1-.

– Adapt weld studs -3- to fit, and fix them in position.

– Weld in weld studs -3- (SG continuous weld seam).

– Apply 2-component body adhesive to entirety of new part -2- and -4-.

– Adapt new part -2- and -4- to new part -1-, and fix in position.

– Weld in new part -2- and -4- on new part -1-, RP spot weld seam.

– Apply 2-component body adhesive to entire surface.

– Adapt new part -1- to fit, and fix it in position.

– Check fit with attachments.

– Weld in new part -1- (RP spot weld seam and SG plug weld seam).

– When renewing partially, weld separating cut using either MIG solder seam or SG stepped weld seam method (both are permitted).

Volkswagen ID.3 (E11, E12) 2020-2024 Service Manual

Body, rear. Rear cross member

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