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Volkswagen ID.3: Auto Hold

Auto Hold secures the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle from rolling away when it is stationary, without having to hold the vehicle with the brake pedal.

Depending on the vehicle equipment, your vehicle may feature the Auto Hold function.


  • The driver door must be closed.

  • The vehicle is drive-ready.

With the transmission in neutral position, Auto Hold does not switch on or off. As a result, the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle will not be secured from rolling away → .

Switching on

  1. Open the vehicle settings in the Infotainment system (→ Vehicle settings menu) .

  2. Open the Brakes menu.

  3. Switch on Auto Hold.

    Auto Hold is ready to use, but the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle may not be kept stationary→ .

The gray indicator light in the instrument cluster comes on.

Auto Hold remains switched on after the vehicle's drive system has been reactivated.

Keeping the vehicle stationary using Auto Hold

  1. When Auto Hold is switched on, bring the vehicle to a stop using the brakes.

  2. Release the brake → .

The Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle is kept stationary.

The green indicator light in the instrument cluster comes on.

The hold on the vehicle will end when the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle starts to drive or the requirements for Auto Hold are not met.

Switching off

Auto Hold can only be switched off when the brake pedal is pressed→ .

  1. Switch off Auto Hold in the vehicle settings in the Infotainment system (→ Vehicle settings menu) .


Auto Hold is not a replacement for the driver's attention and works only within the system limitations. The Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle cannot be secured in every single situation, for example on inclines or slippery ground. If you do not take care, there is a risk of accidents and serious injuries.

  • Always stay attentive and do not rely solely on the system. The driver is always responsible for control of the vehicle.

  • Make sure the green indicator light for Auto Hold in the instrument cluster display lights up if the vehicle is to be kept stationary.

  • Never exit the vehicle when the vehicle's drive system is active, even if Auto Hold is switched on.


In car washes where the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle is pulled, the wheels may lock if Auto Hold is switched on. This can lead to vehicle damage.

  • Switch off Auto Hold before going through a car wash.

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