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Volkswagen ID.3: Activating and deactivating a Wi-Fi hotspot

Volkswagen ID.3 (E11, E12) 2020-2024 Owner's Manual / Activating and deactivating a Wi-Fi hotspot

Depending on the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle equipment, the Infotainment system can be used as aW i-Fi hotspot for Internet access for up to eight mobile devices, e.g. tablets.

To enable the Infotainment system to be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot, an Internet connection is required, e.g. via the eSIM in the vehicle or via the hotspot of a mobile device (→ Wi-Fi) .

The possible types of Internet connections depend on the country and the Infotainment system being used.

Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot

You will need to enter information both in the Infotainment system and on the mobile device.

  1. Tap HOME Wi-Fi Infotainment system as hotspot.
  2. Tap Use as hotspot and activate it.
  3. Search for the network names displayed in the Infotainment system on the mobile device.
  4. Enter the password displayed in the Infotainment system on the mobile device and confirm.

    The Wi-Fi connection between the mobile device and the Infotainment system is established. It may be necessary to enter additional information on the mobile device to complete the connection.

  5. Optional: to connection additional mobile devices, repeat this process.

The network name and network key are generated automatically. You can then change the network name and network key yourself.

Deactivating a Wi-Fi hotspot

  1. Tap HOME Wi-Fi Infotainment system as hotspot.
  2. Tap Use as hotspot and deactivate it.

Quick connection

Quick connection with the Infotainment system

The quick connection function can be used to quickly and easily establish an encryptedW i-Fi connection. In certain countries, the quick connection can alternatively be executed by scanning in a QR code.


  • The mobile device supports WPS or a suitable application for scanning QR codes is installed on the mobile device.
  1. Tap HOME Wi-Fi Quick connection with Infotainment system.
  2. Activate WPS on the mobile device.

Or: scan QR code

in the Infotainment system using the mobile device.

The Wi-Fi connection will be established. It may be necessary to make further inputs on the mobile device in order to complete the connection.

Only one WPS connection can be established at a time. If multiple connection attempts start at the same time, all connection attempts will fail.

Technical properties

The technical properties of the Wi-Fi in the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle listed here may differ depending on the equipment and country.

  • Internet connection via the hotspot of a mobile device or via the eSIM
  • Wi-Fi in accordance with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.
  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz data transfer.
  • Three Wi-Fi modes at once:
  • Tethering (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz).
  • 2.4 GHz access point.
  • 5 GHz access point.
  • Wi-Fi antenna.
  • One multi-band aerial each for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices simultaneously.
  • Apple CarPlay via Wi-Fi .
  • Android Auto via Wi-Fi .
  • Simplified pairing process via Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS ) or Quick Response Code (QR code).

The Wi-Fi connection is encrypted by default with WPA2 encryption for security reasons. Volkswagen recommends always using WPA2 encryption. Observe legal regulations for the country where you are operating the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle.


App-Connect makes it possible to display and control content and functions displayed on the cell phone through the Infotainment system screen.

To do this, the cell phone must be connected to the Infotainment system via aU SB interface with a data transfer function.

Some technologies can also be used with App-Connect Wireless via the Bluetooth interface and a Wi-Fi hotspot for the Infotainment system.

The following technologies may be available:

  • Apple CarPlay.
  • Apple CarPlay Wireless.
  • Android Auto.
  • Android Auto Wireless.
  • MirrorLink.

MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are technologies which are operated by third parties and provided by Volkswagen. Volkswagen is not responsible if these technologies are canceled, discontinued or deactivated during the service life of the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle. Apps from third-party providers may be incompatible. It cannot be guaranteed that the apps that are offered will be able to run on all cell phones and with all operating systems.

Which App-Connect technologies are available to you depends on the country and on the cell phone in use. Apps can be based on many different designs and can also differ depending on the vehicle and country. The content, scope, and providers of the apps may vary. The apps provided by Volkswagen can also be changed, canceled, deactivated, reactivated, and enhanced without notice. Furthermore, some apps depend on the availability of services from third party providers.

You can find more information on the Volkswagen website.

The use of apps and the required mobile phone connection may be subject to additional charges.

To avoid driver distraction, only certified apps can be used while driving.


Using apps while driving can distract from traffic. Driver distraction can cause serious accidents and fatal injuries.

  • Only use apps and functions when the Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle is stationary.
  • Always drive attentively and responsibly.


If unsuitable apps are used or apps are not used correctly, this may result in vehicle damage and accidents with serious or even fatal injuries.

  • Protect the cell phone and its apps from misuse.

Volkswagen is not responsible for Volkswagen ID.3 vehicle damage that is caused by low-quality or malfunctioning third-party apps, inadequate programming of third-party apps, insufficient network strength, data loss, misuse of mobile devices, or malware on data carriers, computers, tablets and cell phones.

Symbols and settings for App-Connect

Symbols in the App-Connect menu The symbol display depends on the vehicle equipment and the country.

or Show further information.

Open the App-Connect settings menu.

Select the Apple CarPlay technology.

Select the Android Auto technology.

Select the MirrorLink technology.

Connecting a cell phone with App-Connect

In order to use App-Connect or App-Connect Wireless, first pair the cell phone with the Infotainment system. When using App-Connect Wireless, the connection is initiated via Bluetooth, and then established via theW i-Fi hotspot for the Infotainment system.

When using Apple CarPlay, the Bluetooth connection is disconnected again when the connection via theW i- Fi hotspot for the Infotainment system is established.

When using Android Auto, the Bluetooth connection remains active.

Connecting a cell phone for the first time

  1. For App-Connect Wireless, connect the cell phone to Bluetooth and to the Wi-Fi hotspot of the Infotainment system (→ Phone interface) (→ Wi-Fi) .

    For App-Connect, connect the cell phone to the Infotainment system via USB cable.

  2. Tap .

    Or: tap .

    Or: press APP .

  3. Select the cell phone and your preferred technology.
  4. Allow the Infotainment system the required access. To do this, confirm authorization requests on the cell phone.

    App-Connect or App-Connect Wireless is set up.

If any pop-up menus were dismissed during the connection process, App-Connect or App-Connect Wireless will not be available. In this case, Volkswagen recommends deleting the devices from the cell phone settings and Infotainment system and restarting the connection process.

If you use MirrorLink technology, you can display MirrorLink messages. The MirrorLink message display function must be activated:

  1. Tap .

    Or: tap .

    Or: press APP .

  2. Tap.
  3. Activate Display MirrorLink messages.

Volkswagen ID.3 (E11, E12) 2020-2024 Owner's Manual

Activating and deactivating a Wi-Fi hotspot

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